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The Birth Sling - Wattle Green

The Birth Sling - Wattle Green

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Your Best Birth Companion

A new take on an ancient birthing tool. Created to assist mamas to birth naturally. 

Suitable for use during home birth or Braxton Hicks.

Best for managing surges!

Load bearing capacity: 200kg.

Please note:

— We encourage a Doula to accompany you while using it

— Anyone using The Birth Sling must:

  • Have a steady gait 

  • Able to call for assistance if needed 

  • Be able to support themselves without assistance 

— Using "The Birth Sling" as a birthing aid is done so at the risk of the user. We take no responsibility for birthing outcomes or injury that may occur

— If there is any blood stains, kindly put item into laundry bag, wash in low temperature machine and dry it first prior to returning to us

Product includes: 1x sling, 2x arm slings, 1x door anchor and 1x carry bag. 


Photo Credit: The Birth Sling


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