Babywearing Consultation

1 to 1 Baby Wearing Consultation can greatly benefit both new and experienced parents who are overwhelmed with the huge selection of baby carriers in the marketplace.

During the session, you will

  1. learn the right techniques of using your existing sling/carrier comfortably (if any) 
  2. understand the ergonomics and safety of baby wearing (do’s & don’ts)
  3. explore online and retail options and be exposed to brands that you might not know suit you better
  4. touch and feel the weight, feature, material and be introduced to how they can compliment your specific body build and lifestyle needs
  5. honest unbiased view on both pros and cons of each selection 


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Session will be conducted by our in-house Germany-trained Baby Wearing Educator. For more information on our consultation session and rental process, please click here.

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