Which Baby Carrier is best for me?

This is a very common question. Everybody’s body build, ache tolerance, budget, needs, preference and expectations of a baby carrier is different. There is no specific brand or type to suit everyone but there will definitely be one best option for every individual. Be it the fit, the matching features to preference, the ease of use etc. You can only find out after you have try it on yourself!

Is a trial important?

Definitely! It is advisable to trial before any purchase so you can get a feel of the carrier you are eyeing on and understand whether the carrier matches your expectations. We have seen too many parents spent thousands of dollars over non ergonomic carriers or options that are unsafe or can cause unnecessary aches. 

Are there others ways to learn besides renting one?

Yes, Babywearing Workshops will be conducted once a month or on alternate months depending on schedule of the certified babywearing consultant. Workshops include teaching the safety and benefits of babywearing; an overview and demonstration of RingSlings, Wraps, Meh Dai and the full range of Soft Structured Carriers (type, structure, material, pros and cons). Practical hands on session will be allowed and even strongly encouraged. The entire session may take up to 2 hours. Do follow our facebook pages for the events update.

I am confused, there are too many options. Can you help?

Rest assured our staff will guide you along in the private message with you to narrow down the choices according to your needs. All recommendations are personalised and non-bias to any brands. If you want to come for a fitting session with our consultant, a minimal fee will be charged.


How long should I rent a carrier for?

Duration of rent is really up to you. You can rent for a week or two or to take a risk to purchase directly and see whether baby fits well and wearer is comfortable. Our minimum rental period is a week. Purpose is to ensure you get sufficient time to wear a carrier over long hours and over a few days to test out the supportivenss. Benefits of rental includes the reduction of chance having white elephants at home and it definitely will increase the confidence of wearer as professional teaching will be provided.

Are carriers that rented clean and safe for use? 

Yes. Safety and Hygiene of carriers are our main quality assurance. Each carrier is washed after every rent and that is also why we need 2-3 days in-between rental period to let it fully dry before handing over to the next rentee.

Is there a variety?

Yes, there is in fact a wide variety to choose from. We have nearly 80+ pieces of carriers. Wraps, Ring Sling, Meh Dai and Soft Structured Carriers, ranging from canvas to mesh to full wrap converted ones are available. Infant-friendly carriers and even carriers suitable for toddlers are available for trial and purchase.

Do you sell brand new carriers after rent?

Yes, we do for most brands. Those that we do not, we collaborate closely with vendors and you are able to get partial or full rental rebates depending on brands selected.

What are the brands for wraps/slings that are available so far?

Wraps/RingSlings/Meh Dai:
Hana wrap, K'Tan wrap (Active, Breeze), Konny Baby wrap (Cotton, Mesh), Didymos wrap, Lillebaby Dragonfly wrap, JMPBB/Love Radius wrap, gathered shoulders Chimparoo Trek Air-O water sling, gathered shoulders Yaro woven Ringsling, pleated shoulders woven CareRing sling, The Birth Shop cotton sateen ringsling, Shijira woven ringsling, Kol Kol Meh Dai, Infantino Meh Dai.

Infant-friendly soft structured carriers:
Kol Kol Leela, Little Frog, Kokadi Flip Babysize, Emeibaby (half WC, full WC), Ergobaby (Omni Breeze, Omni 360 Cool Air, Adapt), Lillebaby (Serenity, All Seasons, Airflow), Chimparoo (Trek, Trek-Air-O woven, Evo), Babyroo (babysize), Kinderpack Koolnit (infant), Fidella Babysize, Tula Free-To-Grow (Canvas, Coast, Explore), Beco Gemini, Manduca, Buzzidil, LennyUp, Soul (Anoona, Aseema), Manduca XT, Boba X.

Soft Structured Carriers which require an external / removable insert:
Ergobaby 360 (canvas, mesh), standard Tula (canvas, mesh), Boba 4G, Kol Kol standard, JPMBB/Love Radius.

Carriers that does not have insert & not suitable for Newborn:
Lennylamb standard, Connecta, Soul standard, Madame Goo Goo (non-adjustable & adjustable mesh), Lenka.

Toddler Carriers:
Tula (canvas), Boba X, Kinderpack Koolnit (standard, Preschooler), Manduca XT, Connecta, Beco Toddler, Madame Goo Goo mesh (adjustable), Kol Kol Carrier, Easyfeel, Isara, Lennylamb, Kokadi, Chimparoo (Evo or with foot straps), Boba (with foot straps).

Brands listed here are not exhaustive and for your reference only. We increase our variety and number of each brand according to needs. If you want to try a brand not listed? Ask us privately in message.


Consultation & Fittings 

Is trying on the spot in shops accurate?

Yes and no. Yes because you can feel the material and roughly get an idea of whether the structure of carrier is what you are looking for. No because baby may fuss on the spot and leave you wondering whether baby really is comfortable in the carrier you have chosen. Most of the times baby fuss due to fear (first time in a carrier) and discomfort (diapers not changed, hungry, warm weather or incorrect sitting position) rather than a direct answer to you that they are rejecting the carrier. At times you may also be misled, even if baby sleeps on the spot in the carrier, it assures you really well. But after you buy it home, oh gosh, u have a hard time! Of course, having a certified babywearing consultant to guide and explain to you the concepts and help you with adjustments is surely a plus point. 

In regards to charges, kindly refer to our T&Cs at https://tinyurl.com/BCRSG-TNC

Can I try and rent the baby carriers during my pregnancy?

Pregnant is a good time to start learning and exploring. You do not need to buy or rent one right away but you can expand your scope of learning on the type of category, the differences of features/material/brands/adjustability and how it roughly feel with our weighted doll (about 5kg) for a gauge first. It is also the time to learn tips and keep that in mind before the after birth experience overwhelms you.

After you gave birth, fitting your newborn with the choices that has been narrowed down will be very beneficial ◡̈ That is also when you put Babywearing skills learnt unto practice. Be equipped beforehand can prevent confusion and reduce stress during post natal period.

For special needs children, please indicate medical condition at the time of booking so that we can assist you optimally.

Do I need to make an appointment before coming down?

Yes please. We do not accept walk-ins and appointments are strictly according to available time slots at http://babycarriersrentalsg.setmore.com/ 

I cannot come down for fitting, can I opt for courier? 

Yes, courier can be arranged right to your doorstep and it will be charged accordingly. We have a regular courier man to assist us in the efficiency of the delivery.

If I opt for courier, how would I know if I wore my child correctly? 

Generally, if the carrier you chose has an official video link, it will be sent via private message upon request. Otherwise, if you are unsure, you can seek advice by taking photos of how you wear your child from the front, side and back and privately message us through the facebook or Instagram page. Online support will be in the package at no extra charge.

About Us

 Is the consultant trained? 

Yes, our consultant is trained by Germany’s leading babywearing school (Die Trageschule, Dresden - advanced course). She is a mother of 3, a passionate babywearer more than a decade and is definitely well aware of your needs and struggles. She focus a lot on education as she strongly believes in empowering parents with confidence before selecting a suitable option.

Where are you located? 

We are located at SengKang East Way and self collection/return is right at our cosy home ofive.

Are you a Singapore Registered Company? 

Yes, we are registered and is a known entity in ACRA.

I have more questions, who can I approach? 

Feel free to privately message www.facebook.com/babycarriersrental... and rest assured your questions will be addressed. Feel free to speak to us if you need to. We hope to assist you in every way we can.

The main purpose of this shop is to provide quality support. If in anyway we have failed to do so, please feedback to us and we will improve on that.