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Gen 5 - Ride Safer Travel Vest (NEW piece)

Gen 5 - Ride Safer Travel Vest (NEW piece)

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This listing is for Sales of brand new pieces (refer to photo 6 for size guide)

A portable, wearable child restraint for children 3-12 years old (or 2+ years old depends on body physique; refer to photo 4).

It positions the vehicle seat belt across the strongest parts of the child's body & uses energy dispersion technology to reduce the crash forces they experience.

Certified to US standard FMVSS 213 & approved by the Singapore Traffic Police. Please note that neck pillow & top tether strap are not included.

A really clever piece of engineering, the RideSafer is the safest non-car seat available. Not only does it accurately position the seat belt over the strongest parts of a child's fragile body, but it features energy dispersion technology to absorb a significant portion of the crash forces away from the child's body.

Weighing under 0.6kg, it's ideal for taxis, Grab cars and especially school buses - as the seat belt attachment points are all on the front of the child's body which make it a lot easier and more efficient for Bus Attendants to install correctly.

It works quickly and easily with regular 3-point seat belts, but it's possible to install with a lap-only seat belt as long as the vehicle has a top tether anchor in that seating position. We recommend you use the included (optional) crotch belt for added safety and the top tether strap (sold separately, optional if you're using a 3-point seat belt) is ideal for wriggly kids.

RideSafer Update 2022:

The RideSafer has been upgraded for a comfier fit. The velcro area on the front of the vest has been expanded, so you can now tighten or loosen the vest as needed to fit the taller or slimmer children. The crotch belt is also adjustable in 3 different lengths for an optimal fit.

To eliminate pilling and stitching issues, the RideSafer is fitted with a new type of velcro with unbrushed loops and plastic hooks. The inner lining fabric is also replaced with the same material used for the outside of the vest for similar reasons.

Many parents tend to leave their vest attached to the tether anchor in the car so the child can easily slip into it when needed. 

Please note that the neck pillow and top tether strap will no longer be included. The RideSafer Neck Pillow and RideSafer Tether Strap are available separately.

The production costs have increased, and there was feedback from customers that the tethers for travel vests were not being used very much and, therefore, wasteful. Instead of increasing the retail price, the manufacturer decided to remove the tether from all travel vests and sell it separately. Should you need it, please add the accessory product into cart before checking out. Thank you.


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