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Shijira Ringsling Lite (Mirume)

Shijira Ringsling Lite (Mirume)

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The Shijira weave wraps and ring slings are woven in the same traditional method used for Japaneses summer wear. The textured surface allows air flow and prevents the fabric from sticking to the skin when we perspire. With a density of 120 gsm, this 100% cotton wrap is thinner than most other woven wraps available in the market, keeping you and your baby cool and comfortable. The ring slings are made from the Shijira weave wraps and uniquely flat virgin nylon rings which allow easy adjustments while maintaining a good grip of the fabric. 

Suitable for newborn to 16kg. Made in Japan by 北極しろくま堂 (Hokkyoku Shirokumado). Tested according to 子守帯認定基準 (infant carrier certification standards) at 日本繊維製品品質技術センター (Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Centre).

How to use:

Material: 100% cotton wrap
Carrying Positions: 6 positions (front, back, hip, cradle, reclining cradle and kangaroo)
Suitable age group: Birth to toddlerhood
Maximum weight: 16kg or 35.2Ib
Country of Manufacturer/Origin: Japan


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