Ride Safer Travel Vest / Portable Car Seat (Size XS)

Ride Safer Travel Vest / Portable Car Seat (Size XS)

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Are you looking for a safe, legal, convenient travel car seat?

The RideSafer is the safe, certified, wearable child restraint for children.

  • Lightweight and easy portability, which is great when traveling with kids (can fit in your child's backpack).
  • Crash Tested, Safety Certified – meets or exceeds Federal standards (FMVSS 213)

The XS is designed for use by very slim 2-year-olds or very slim 3- to, maybe, 4-year-old children, weighing between 10-18kgs.

A vest, weighing under 0.6kg, it is ideal for taxis, Grab cars and especially school buses - as the seat belt attachment points are all on the front of the child's body which make it a lot easier and more efficient for Bus Attendants to install correctly.

For child this age, ideally an adult should sit next to the child to help keep the child in proper position.

This rental piece is blue and black in colour, manufactured in 08/2021 and 01/2023 respectively. Safety guideline indicated item can be used for 10 years before it expires.

In our business, we will also discard pieces that has been involved in any accident to ensure safety is still at top top condition.

If you need the crotch belt & tether strap as a full set, please alert us on your request. 

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If you would like to rent this item, please fill up your details here: https://tinyurl.com/BCRSG-rentalform