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MuuHoo Kids Luggage

MuuHoo Kids Luggage

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Kid luggage + flight bed + child mobility device (scooter)

Product Registration

The MuuHoo trademark and design patent has been registered in multiple countries, including the United States of America, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and China.

It has been assessed and approved for use by many major airlines. While many airlines do not have a specific policy towards personal comforts devices like the MuuHoo, they still allow its use at any seats which do not block any passenger’s sole exit (eg. window seats or middle-middle seats) after take-off and before landing.


Bed Functionality

The bed feature is suitable for children from 0-5 years old as the luggage adds between 20-40cm to the seat. A cotton sleeping pad of 75cm in length is included with the luggage.

The height of the luggage can be adjusted between 40cm and 46cm in height to suit different seat heights.

The 2 universal front wheels can be locked in place to ensure the luggage does not move easily during turbulence or movement of the child on it.

The MuuHoo luggage can be used at any seats which are not blocking the sole exits of any passenger once the seat-belt signs have been turned off after take-off. As long as the airline allows for bags to be on the floor or shoes to be taken off, the MuuHoo is allowed to be set up.


Ride-on Functionality

The ride-on functionality of the luggage is suitable for children above 3 years old  (under adult’s supervision) as the seat is 40cm tall.

Shorter children can be pulled along by an adult the adjustable multi-function strap, though please do so at a safe speed and ensure your child is holding on tightly at all times.

The 2 front wheels are universal while the 2 back wheels are uni-direction for easy direction-control and safe travel.


Storage Capacity

The luggage has a 20L storage capacity and can hold a maximum load of 60kg. There is an internal compression belt to keep thing organized. However, it is not designed to be overstuffed until the door bulges.

It has a practical side-opening to put in or take out items conveniently even while there is a child asleep on it.


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