Minimeis Shoulder Carrier

Minimeis Shoulder Carrier

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*Babywearing educator will teach proper usage if you opt for self collection at SengKang at mutually agreeable timing* 

We recommend using MiniMeis outdoors. Lift your child to new heights and experience how fun, safe and easy it is to go on adventures with your child with our innovative shoulder carrier! 

The child is not placed in any unnatural positions during use, but rather sitting in a natural position safely secured on the parent’s shoulders. The weight of the child is evenly distributed through the carriers’ body, which allows parents to maintain the natural human balance during active use.

The leg straps replace the traditional hand grip during shoulder carrying and attach the child's legs to the harness. The backrest protects the child from falling backwards and the adults head prevents the child from falling forward. A waist belt is provided for extra safety.

As in a highchair, the child should be able to sit upright without support before sitting in a MiniMeis. The child has to be able to hold her head up. For the youngest users (from approx. 6 – 10 months.), the provided shoulder strap can be used for extra upper body support.

The Minimeis is tested according to European standard EN-13209-1:2044 and US standard ASTM F 2549 14a for framed carriers. 

Maximum weight is 22 kilos/ 48 lbs. This is set according to the minimum standardized test weight.

However, please be aware of obstacles above your head level that may impose danger to the young one sitting on it. We are not responsible for any mishaps during rental. 

Digital User Manual here. Parts of carrier photo depicted in listing was taken from official manual.

Photos listed were taken by IG account @fionkoh @joyfullyeve & @nikidombebe 

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