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Mini Monkey Mesh Carrier (Twin)

Mini Monkey Mesh Carrier (Twin)

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The Minimonkey TWIN equals the ergonomic carrying way of a traditional wrap, wins on comfort, user friendliness and safety!

This carrier can be used as of newborn (± 3kg ~ 6.5 lbs) to 12kg (~26.5 lbs) each baby.

Babies are carried in this baby carrier in an upright position on your belly, with the bottom low and thighs higher and spread wide; also referred to as the M-Position or Frog Position. Experts recommend this ergonomic position for carrying babies because it can have a positive effect on the development of their hips. The Minimonkey TWIN is a ‘hip-healthy product’, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

YES, we have TWIN CARRIER available in mesh version.

Besides the fact that this new version of the twin carrier is completely made of the airy mesh fabric, just like the Mini Sling.

This mesh twin carrier has a better fit than the cotton version, so that the babies (also very small ones) are even better supported and there is more room for the legs. In addition, the straps of the carrier are now also easier to adjust when the babies are already in the carrier.


The one comfortable twin carrier suitable for SG climate! 

Comfortable - The weight of the baby is evenly distributed over your entire body thanks to the shoulder straps that cross on the back and the belt around your waist. As a result, this twin baby carrier is surprisingly light.

Suitable for Newborn and older babies (maximum 12 kg per baby). Can also be used for carrying a toddler (max 12kg) and a baby, so it doesn't necessarily have to be twins.

Ergonomic – babies can be carried in the ergonomic M position with full neck and back support, similar to wearing in a sling

Easy - intuitive to use and just a few steps to get you going! After adjusting the correct height, the babies are placed in the 'pockets' and secured with a small clip. You can do this on your own after some practice.

Safe - the belt around your waist prevents the babies from slipping out of the carrier.

This carrier has been specially developed for all parents who have had to become 'multitaskers' overnight.



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