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Manduca XT (Baby to Toddler Carriers)

Manduca XT (Baby to Toddler Carriers)

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The Manduca XT Baby & Toddler Carrier is an Super adaptive carrier that is design to cater to newborns from 3.5kg onwards to toddlers & pre-schoolers up to 20kg.
The carrier panel can be sized down for small babies and size up as easily to cater to toddlers up to 5 years old. It is also design to fit petite as well as large parents. 
Babywearers are also spoiled for options with the Manduca XT Baby Carrier allowing for front carry, back carry, side/hip carry plus the additional flexibility to cross the shoulder straps for additional comfort.

The patented extensible body panel that allows the Manduca to be used with taller pre-schoolers has now been complemented in the Manduca XT with a new patent pending sizable seat size mechanism. The Manduca Baby Carrier continues to be one of the most versatile infant-baby-toddler all rounder ergonomic carrier in the market today.
It is particularly suitable for parents looking for a premium quality carrier that can support a wide variety of user and child size & shape. It can be the one carrier you will ever need. 
DESIGN FOR Babies from Birth (min. 3.5kg), up to 20kgs (about 5 years old)

- Front Carry (inward facing)
- Hip Carry
- Back Carry
*with option to cross the shoulder straps*

- click the colours accordingly in the drop down list and you will see the colours for your selection 

Almost anyone with waist or hip size from 68.5cm (27 inch) to 140cm (55 inch). While most soft structured carriers have limits to support babywearers who are too petite or too tall, the Manduca is designed to cater to both.

Suitable for newborns & infant onwards to toddlers & pre-schoolers
- Versatility
- Ergonomics
- 100% Certified Organic
- One carrier to fit multiple kids & multiple babywearers
Features Benefits
Free size with adjustable waist belts & buckles Fits waist sizes up to 140cm or 55 inches so the same carrier can be used by more than one person.
Lightweight & compact Easily folded away when not in use and easy to bring along anywhere. One of the best infant, baby, toddler travel system.
Baby is held close to wearer's centre of gravity and weight is distributed on the hips and across two shoulders This allows for natural movement while walking and working. Which is especially useful for carrying for longer periods of time or for wearers who have back problems.
Ergonomic Hip belt that is not Bulky The ergonomic hip belt design effectively distributes most of the weight on the hips and away from the shoulders. A less bulky hip belt allows babywearer to sit down comfortably without the hip belt getting in the way even when using the Manduca in the front carry position.
Simple and stylish design Suitable for use by both Moms and Dads.
Provides ergonomic structure The Manduca Baby Carrier puts baby in a natural sitting 'M' postion with support for the thighs and back. This allows for healthy growth of the hips, pelvis & spine.
Multiple Carrying Positions Can be use for front carry, back carry, hip carry with additinal option to cross the shoulder straps when used in the front & back carry positions.
100% Certified Organic Cotton, Nickel-free zips & press-studs Environmentally friendly & gentle on baby's delicate skin.
Extensible zip-up Back Panel Allow the back panel to be extended when needed to provide more support for a child's back when they are infants, they are sleeping or if they are taller.
Sizable Seat to fit Infant Seat Allow newborns & infants to use the Manduca Baby Carrier comfortably
Secured with heavy duty buckles and wide, well padded shoulder straps Peace of mind when carrying baby. Easy to use buckle and go system.
3 point buckle on Waist Belt & Safety elastic bands to accident proof all buckles You can never be safer. Prevention is the best form of insurance against accidents.

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