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Kol Kol Ringsling

Kol Kol Ringsling

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1. Quick and easy to use design.

2. Perfect from birth to toddlerhood (3.5 to 15 kgs).

3. Ergonomic carrier that lets you cary your baby in front and hip carry.

4. Rings used are top quality seamless rings.

5. 100% lightweight handwoven cotton that is breathable and supportive(250 GSM).

6. The hybrid shoulder style gives you the flexibility of a gathered shoulder with the support of a pleated one, thus suiting every body type.

7. Fabric length measured from rings to tail is 75".

Our Ring Sling complies with CPSIA (16 CFR 1226) standards. Handwoven fabric comes with a lot of character - loose threads, uneveness and snags.

This is absolutely normal, and doesn't affect the safety of the product in any manner. They aren't flaws as much as much as stamps of their handwoven character. Slight difference in colour from the product image is possible. We try our best to take photos in natural light without any studio equipment.

Unfortunately, a camera or a monitor cannot match the perspective of an eye. Please keep this mind when you shop.

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