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Kol Kol Lumbar Support (back care panel) - on PreOrder

Kol Kol Lumbar Support (back care panel) - on PreOrder

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An additional accessory to protect your back; suitable to fix on most brands of baby to toddler carriers

Kol Kol Back support helps maintain a good posture and prevents lower back strain. This means you can comfortably wear the carrier for long periods. It is a cushioning pad that provides additional support on the lower back (lumbar region).

It can be used with any baby carrier by attaching on to the strap of the waist band.

To use it, slide the waistband buckle through the loops on the lumbar support. Fix it in a position comfortable on your lower back. The loops and the logo should face outside.

It can be placed on your stomach during a back carry too.

: 16.5″ height by 15.5″ width

Weight: 43 grams

Follow our instructions to make your accessory last long:

1. Hand-wash in cold water.

2. Use a mild detergent.

3. Do not soak. Scrub gently, rinse and dry in shade.

4. Do not use softeners, whiteners, bleach or harsh chemicals.

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