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Keenz Air Plus Cabin Stroller

Keenz Air Plus Cabin Stroller

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2-in-1 lightweight baby stroller (6.5kg) that is suitable for newborns till 30kg

Padded seat that reclines fully

Fully expandable canopy with overhang

Canopy with extra large extendable visor and UPF50 Ultraviolet (UV) protection factor

Various large mesh windows for extra cool airflow

Extra wide seat that can accommodate not only bigger child but even an adult

Longer & wider seat when compared to other compact/cabin strollers

Adjustable footrest, backrest & headrest

5-point safety harness

Made of premium aluminium frame leads to strength, sturdiness and lightweight at 6.5kg.

An innovative support wheel enables stable self-standing for easy storage.

Together with the carrying bag, shoulder strap and the newly introduced Luggage Pulling Handle Bar, this stroller offers 6 different ways to transport it.

The 4-wheel suspension system absorbs shock from the ground for a safer and more comfortable ride while the patented ball bearings technology ensures a sensational steering experience so smooth that is guaranteed to surprise!

40 litres ultrahigh-capacity storage basket - the largest in the world for a compact/cabin stroller. Perfect for your PET or for shopping.

A zipped opening allows the pet to easily move in & out of the basket whenever needed. This zipped opening also allows the access to the basket even when the seat is fully reclined, unlike other strollers.

Even with such a huge basket and an expanded canopy, the Air Plus can still be folded easily in 1 second with one hand into a compact carry-on size.

In fact, it is cabin friendly and you can bring it onto the plane if the crew allows (Rules can differ time to time, please check with your airline prior to rental booking)!


56 x 43 x 24 cm when folded 

80 x 53 x 104 cm when unfolded 

Add on options available:

  • Infant Insert
  • Universal Dust Bag
  • Rain Cover
  • Universal step sibling board

Image 5-7 shows our Keenz with a universal step sibling board for older kid (child age 6.5yo).


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