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JPMBB Baby Ringsling

JPMBB Baby Ringsling

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Je Porte Mon Bebe or JPMBB from France, renowned for their innovative Hybrid Stretchy Baby Wrap once again dazzles the market by bringing to you the JPMBB Ring Sling or Little Wrap Without Knots.

While baby ring slings are not new, JPMBB Rings Slings are one of its kind. Utilizing a new fabric specially developed and made in Europe for babywearing, you now have a ring sling that is not just more comfortable but also easier to use and manage than traditional ring slings, and best of all, suitable for all climates.

Each JPMBB Ring Sling are made to be reversible using Oeko-Tex 100 certified dual layers of viscose, giving them the unique Je Porte Mon Bebe look. It can be 2 different looks for a single person or simply a different color for a different babywearer.

For more designs and colours, please contact us.

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