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FlyLegsUp - Plane Bed

FlyLegsUp - Plane Bed

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The pack includes:

  • Patented Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock
  • 1 Small Pillow and 2 Large Pillows
  • Kids instruction sheet with suggested positions
It's a tool to help your child sleep and play more comfortably on long haul Economy flights. 
  • Lightweight, weighing less than 500g
  • Washable and durable
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable and accommodates for the differences in kids and airline Economy seats
  • Creates a flat bed for babies and small children
  • Creates a platform/adaptable foot and leg rest for older children.

It’s your passport to a more enjoyable and restful economy flight with the kids!

Infants to young children

The hammock is very adaptable and can make a flat platform/bed for infants & young children to sleep and play on, just like their bed at home. Their minimal space is maximised with the hammock and they have more room to play and ensure their toys won't get lost.

Tip: If your child is small enough to lie completely flat, it's a good idea to bring their favourite small pillow from home to lie their head on (or use the supplied airline pillow), as some airline seats slope slightly down towards the back of the chair and this will level it out, for a more comfortable and cosy sleep.

Older children

Older children love to stretch out on the platform/bed created with Fly LegsUp too. But they may also like to vary the height and position of the pillows, by adding or removing and changing the inflation levels of the pillows. Making them soft and squishy or hard and firm - Experiment!!

Tip: For older children who do not need a flat platform, you can use one of the Large pillows (inflated 1/2 or less), as a head or armrest. Or if you don’t think this is necessary, you can purchase a Fly LegsUp for Adults (includes 2 pillows).


Note: The Flight Hammock is NOT to be used during taxi, take-off and landing. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and continue to wear a seat belt when using the Flight Hammock.
*Please be aware that use of this product (and any product on board such as PlanePal) is at the discretion of the cabin crew and requirement. Whilst we cannot guarantee the use of product on every single flight, in our experience, it is unusual to be told you cannot use the hammock.

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Kindly leave us your contact number (with country code) along with your message, should you prefer us returning your chatbox messages via WhatsApp. We will be sure to get back to you! 

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