Process of Direct Rental Request

  1. Inform us the type of Baby Carrier you are interested to rent, indicate the age of your child and period of rent through facebook messenger platform OR our website rental form
  2. Availability and suitability will be responded within 3 working days
  3. If you would like to reserve the carrier after discussion with our service staff, booking fee (rental amount) can be sent via PayNow or internet bank transfer
  4. Upon receipt, the reserved carrier will no longer be available for booking during your requested time frame
  5. Self collection at Tiong Bahru should be done on the day of rental Day 1 and refundable deposit is to be paid in cash or PayNow when the reserved carrier is handed over
  6. Courier is made possible (at client's own cost; flat rate of $10 per trip) in the event self collection is not possible. However the refundable deposit has to be paid via PayNow or internet bank transfer before the day of carrier collection
  7. Maximise and enjoy the rental !
  8. Remember to return on time & inform us which bank account to refund your deposit to ◡̈ 

If you wish to have a babywearing educator’s guidance on what to rent or buy according to your build and lifestyle, you can check out at the Consultation tab

We advise you to read through the FAQs & T&Cs thoroughly before committing to a rental / consultation

Hear from YOU soon!