General Terms & Conditions

General Information

  1. BCRSG carry only authentic baby carriers and items.
  2. All rental pieces are properly checked and cleaned before and after each rental.
  3. We will not rent or sell any carriers or items that has expired or have not gone through safety testing.
  4. If you’re opting for a direct rental, kindly skip consultation related info and jump right into Process of Rental section onwards, thank you 

Fitting and Consultation session (Baby Carriers only)

BCRSG conducts personal/couple/group consultation and education sessions on proper babywearing techniques which includes options exploration.

Inhouse at Home office (SengKang East Way)

  1. For a personal consult/fitting session, SGD $50 per hour will be charged; maximum of 2 adults  can attend and you are encouraged to bring baby along. 
  2. Additional attendee such as spouse or caregiver who is a listening and learning adult, whether they will join in the fitting or not, will be charged at $10/hour on top of stated rate.
  3. Please be punctual for your session.
  4. If session exceeds an hour from the booked hour, it will be charged on an hourly basis.
  5. Please take note educator will be focusing on teaching and maximising your learning, her responsibility does not include reminding clients on total time spent. If you only wish to have an hour consult, you are encouraged to monitor on your own.
  6. Please be aware if your 2nd hour consultation crosses over to other client’s time slot on that very day, our consultant will have to split her attention and her priority will be with the client who has the appointment booked first. If you foresee that you might require a consultation of more than an hour, we urge you to book accordingly.
  7. Our educators will recommend you several carriers based on your needs during the consultation. If you have any carrier brand in mind, please notify us before the session. 
  8. There is no limit to the number of carriers you can try. If you already own a carrier (any brand & type) and would like our educator to help you fit it well to your build, please feel free to bring it along. Proper teaching will be provided to empower you to adjust it yourself in the future.
  9. Availability of our educators can be viewed via the “Book Now” tab in BCRSG Facebook page or directly in Setmore Calendar. You will be contacted thereafter to make the payment to secure the time slot selected.
  10. If payment is not made within 48 hours from the time where payment details is given, kindly be aware that we will release the slot to next available person who may also need our Babywearing help. 
  11. For appointment bookings on Weekday Evenings (5pm onwards), Sundays and Public Holidays, it will be only be accepted on case by case basis subjected to educator’s availability. You can request via social media chat or email. There may be an extra charge of $5/hour, please check with us prior to booking. 
  12. Please understand as much as we want to focus on what we are doing for you, because we operate from home office upon request, minor disturbances due to the need of children time to time might be present.
  13. Please commit to the appointment so as not to deprive others who needed it. In the event that you are unable to make it for your appointment after payment, you can choose either of the options:
    1. Reschedule your appointment within a month,
    2. Offset the fee from your future baby carrier direct rental (all types) or purchase (only applicable to certain baby carrier brands),
    3. Convert the fee into a consultation voucher which can be utilised by your family or friends
  14. Rental is charged apart from consultation at 5% off (except new carriers rental) & there will be an offset of $10 if clients make a direct purchase right after consultation (only applicable to Soft Structured Carriers).
  15. For any request of pointer 11, take note offset of consultation fee for rental or purchase will not be applicable. 

Home Visit (in your own cosy unit)

  1. Our 2022 charge for House Call is $35/hour + transport fee (Grab / Taxi).
  2. Cost stated is based on 1 attendee per hour, calculated from the moment we step out of our home office to the moment we arrive back at our home office.
  3. Additional attendee such as spouse or caregiver who is a listening and learning adult, whether they will join in the fitting or not, will be charged at $10/hour on top of stated rate.
    1. Payment for extension of time is by per hour block.
    2. Professional Consultation Fee cannot be waived. Sales is charged apart from consultation.
    3. Clients have a complimentary 7 days rental extension on the rented carrier of their choice after a house call.
    4. Payment will be accepted using Cash, Bank Transfer, PayNow, PayLah!, GrabPay or Credit Card.
    5. Service is subjected to educator's availability and we are not obliged to agree to home visits especially on a public holiday or weekend (priority is given to babies of families with special needs).
    6. If we accept a PH or weekend house call, client has to top up $10 for per pax per hour.
    7. Carriers exploration will be limited to 1 huge lugguage (about 15 to 20 slings & carriers).
    8. Clients who chose to learn skills and opt out from exploration of options are charged the same rate without negotiation.
    9. Any purchase of carrier after session are entitled to a lifetime complimentary online Babywearing support so long it is the same couple using the purchased item no matter number of children.
    10. Regardless of purchase, client can request for a complimentary nursing cover worth $36.90 from us as a new mum gift to celebrate your new parenting journey. This has to be requested during booking of home visit. 

    Online Video Call

    1. In certain special circumstances, online support using ZOOM or WHATSAPP application is possible to render assistance to clients who are unable to meet up face to face but require consultation.
    2. Consult charge is calculated by $10 per 15 minutes block with minimum of 30 minutes as basic if you are a first timer with us (additional listening & assisting adult is charged $10/hour on top of the first pax rate)
    3. Client should at least own one sling or carrier for session to be purposeful and effective if you are aiming for a proper adjustment and fitting it right to your body build.
    4. If client does not own any sling or carrier, session will be focus on learning the ergonomics of Babywearing and comparing options on screen that client would like to explore OR client can opt for to and fro courier delivery of 5 carriers within the same day while educator guide user on screen. 
    5. For clients who purchased sling/carrier from BCRSG before, we provide 15 minutes complimentary consultation per month if client require. This applies ONLY if requested day and time fits educator’s schedule.

    Process of Rental

    Baby Carrier/ Item Reservation & Payment

    1. If you would like to rent a carrier from BCRSG, please fill in this form. Availability and suitability will be responded: Baby Carrier Rental Form (In the event we did not respond by 48 hours or for urgent requests, kindly nudge us at our social media platforms i.e. Facebook or Instagram)
    2. Reservation of a carrier/items within a specific time frame is made possible by payment of the rental fee (provided the slot has not been taken up by other clients).
    3. We have the right to rent our carriers/items to anyone who confirms their booking with us at a first pay first serve basis.
    4. Rest assured overlapping of baby carrier/item rental booking will not happen.
    5. Payment of rental fee can be made via cash (only during fitting sessions), PayLah, PayNow and bank transfer. Please put your name as reference number and alert us with a Screenshot via social media platform private messaging system or via email once payment is made.
    6. Credit card option is only available via Shopee application or this website (except refundable deposit). Shopee T&Cs applies for all transactions in the application which we have no control of.
    7. Please take note for rental of new pieces of baby carrier or item, an additional $5/week will be charged.
    8. If you are opting for a specific colour option, a top up of $5/week will be charged as well.
    9. If there are no colour of choice available, it is deemed that any colour is acceptable so long payment has been made. No colour selection charge will be imposed in this circumstance.


    1. In the event of cancellation, we provide full refund if you alert us more than 4 weeks before the first day of rental date.
    2. If cancellation is made within 4 weeks of the first day of rental date, only 75% of rental fee will be refunded.
    3. If cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the first day of rental date, only 50% of rental fee will be refunded.
    4. Once rental commences from agreed start date, no rental refund can be done.
    5. If client is not contactable via emails, WhatsApp or phone call collectively at least 5 prompts from us after payment to facilitate logistics planning, we will also forfeit the amount paid.
    6. All cancellation deposit refund will have a $10 admin charge per product and it will take 14 BCRSG working days to process. You will be alerted thereafter.
    7. Please take note if your rental period booked is on a Singapore school holiday, admin charge will be doubled.

    Security Deposit

    1. There is a refundable security deposit for the following types of baby carrier / item:
      1. RingSling/ Wraps/ Babywearing windbreaker/ Mifold car seat: SGD $50
      2. Onbuhimo/ Meh Dai: SGD $100
      3. Soft Structured Carriers: SGD $150
      4. Stroller/ Bedbox/ Shoulder Carrier/ Portable Car Seat/ Travel Vest: SGD $200.
    2. The security deposit can be paid during the following:
      1. Booking process (preferred), or
      2. 24hrs before rental starts (alert once done), or
      3. Carrier collection (only if owner is present to receive it)
    3. Deposit has to be paid via Bank Transfer or PayNow but if you wish to male payment via credit card method, please be informed the refund of deposit can only be in 95% due to the transaction fees incurred through card payment.
    4. Any defects within rental period has to inform admin as soon as you get wifi connection etc. to not jeopardise the next rental in queue. 
    5. The integrity of the carriers/items will be checked within 72 hours upon return. 
    6. Deposit is refundable via Bank Transfer through our corporate account within 14 working days counting from return date; please note we process refunds by batch and working days are based on BCRSG operational days. You can check out our Setmore calendar if you need reference.
    7. We have the right to partially refund or not refund the deposit based on the following:
      1. Partial refund: There is a permanent stain, crack, or discolouration of the baby carrier / stroller / item. 
      2. No refund: Buckles or stitches of baby carrier / wheels, joints or parts of baby stroller / items are damaged where function of the baby item is compromised OR lost of entire carrier OR trauma to item before such as car seat that went through accidents during rental period.
    8. Bear in mind we will also deduct the followings through refundable security deposit:
      1. Late return fees by per day count
      2. Last minute decision on courier instead of self collection or return
      3. Company’s rental loss for the next rentee in line due to current rentee’s failure to return item on agreed date

      Collection of Baby Carrier/ Item

      1. You may either self-collect the rented item at Sengkang East Way (sheltered all the way from LRT) or request for a courier service to doorstep.
      2. The first day of carrier collection/receipt is counted as Day 1. You have to return us the item by Day 7 if you are looking at one week rental, Day 14 for two weeks and Day 28 for one month rental for illustration.
      3. In the event that you are unable to collect the booked item on Day 1 that has been agreed upon, booking period still starts on that day. However, as long as the item is not reserved after your rental period, we can review on a case-by-case basis.
      4. Proper usage will be taught on the day of collection if educator is present (kept within 10 minutes), otherwise, you can request for an official video to be sent for your reference.
      5. During self collection, BCRSG will take the responsibility to alert client of any parts or minor functions that fell short which require attention before handing over. Once mutually agreeable and handed over, any malfunction, defect or missing part found in the rented carrier/ item out of the discussed will not be acknowledged. 
      6. In the event, you would like to exchange for another carrier during the rental period (only applicable for rental more than 2 weeks), the rental price of the new carrier has to be either of the same or lower price. If the rental price of the new carrier is higher, client will have to top the difference. There will also be an exchange charge of SGD $5.
      7. If our fitting piece was rented out and you wish to rent a new carrier piece, there’s an additional charge of SGD $5 on top of the original rental price.

      Courier of Baby Carrier/ Item

      1. Courier is made possible in the event that we cannot find a mutually agreeable day and time to meet up for collection/return. However, cost is to be borne by client at a flat rate of $10 per trip per baby/toddler carrier, $18 for two-way trip. $15 per trip per baby item & $30 for two-way trip due to weight/size difference from baby/toddler carrier.
      2. Upon receipt of carrier/item, it is deemed you have accepted the rented product is in proper functionality and condition. If it is not, you have to alert our team within 12 hours of receipt. Otherwise, BCRSG has the right to not acknowledge any defect or malfunction.
      3. In the event of a failed courier trip (either during delivery or collection due to failing to prepare carrier for pickup), client may have to bear the cost of the failed trip.
      4. If you would like to arrange for your own courier, please note that the client has to bear the responsibility if item is lost or damaged.
      5. Similar to self collection, the day of receipt will be considered as Day 1 and the carrier has to reach us by the return date agreed upon.
      6. Rentee should alert us a day before last day of rental period with regards to whether the carrier/item is ready for collection the following day. If there is no prompt from rentee, BCRSG will deem it as late return / auto rental extension.

      Return of Baby Carrier/ Item

      1. Rental piece is supposed to be returned by hand personally, by family member or courier man. Kindly alert to check our presence before sending the item over.
      2. Clients who opted for other methods of return delivery such as Smartpac or Ninjapack, please keep to the agreed rental time frame; you have to drop off at respective postage points i.e. at least 2 days prior to last rental date and show proof of mailing the parcel via video so we will not charge you in case it’s logistic company’s issue for late receipt at our end.
      3. No washing of baby carrier or item is required before returning to us. Rest assured we do our own proper cleaning after each rent.
      4. Please keep to rental dates set (refer to how we count the rental days in the collection section); Late return of baby carrier and sling will be charged at $5 per item per day. Late return of Baby strollers, Shoulder Carrier or BedBox will be charged at $8 per item per day. BCRSG will not be responsible to remind you the return date. 
      5. If subsequent rental for the rented item is compromised due to client’s late return of baby carrier/item, he/she will have to compensate for the loss of rental.
      6. Extension of baby carrier/item rental is only possible when there are no bookings after your period of rent.
      7. Please inform us if your item (i.e. car seat) has met into any accidents. Items that has gone through some trauma will render it invalid for future use for the safety of others.
      8. If you would like to purchase a new baby carrier/item after rental, please alert us and we will inform you the available colour options or designs accordingly. If it is an item that we no longer retail, we will also inform you of the perks we have with our partner vendors for you to offset some bucks.

      Social Media Contests

      1. All winnings are supposed to be accompanied by a paid face to face Babywearing Consultation session to ensure client knows how to utilise the winning product safely and ergonomically (5-10 mins no charge needed)
      2. Winners are to contact BCRSG using the same account participated in contest to arrange for collection and consultation 
      3. Winners can choose to exchange winning items for rentals instead if they wish to
      4. Winnings will be invalid if collection is arranged more than 6 months after announcement date unless agreement has been made prior with BCRSG Team
      5. If winner did not tag BCRSG on their profile post after collection & usage of winning items, they are not qualified to re-join another giveaway within the next 24 months
      6. Winnings will be forfeited if winners do not agree with our terms 

      BCRSG reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.