Rental Terms & Conditions (for Locals)

General Information

  1. Baby Carriers Rental SG (BCRSG) carries only authentic baby carriers and items for both rental and sales.
  2. All rental pieces are properly checked, washed and sanitised after each rent for safety and cleanliness. 
  3. BCRSG will not rent or sell any product that has expired or have not gone through safety testing.

Process of Rental

Baby Product Reservation & Payment

  1. If you want to rent from BCRSG, please fill up Baby Carrier Rental Form; availability will be responded via WhatsApp.
  2. If no response received within 48 hours OR for urgent requests, kindly nudge us via social media messaging system, i.e. Facebook or Instagram, to connect with us.
  3. BCRSG charges rental fee by per week basis. Please discuss with our admin staff for special cases. Take note we are not obliged to fulfil any unique requests. 
  4. Product reservation is secured only after a rental payment (provided the slot has not been taken up by other clients).
  5. BCRSG has the right to rent product to anyone who secures their booking with us on a first pay first serve basis.
  6. Rental / Reservation payment can be made via Credit Card through website, PayNow to our company UEN (preferred) or traditional Bank Transfer.
  7. New piece rental (if there’s availability), an additional $5/week will be charged.
  8. If our rental pieces are all well booked and you only can rent a new piece (if there’s availability), the $5/week new piece charge will still applies.
  9. If you are requesting for a specific colour/version option, an additional $5/week will be charged as well. If not, it is deemed that any colour/version is acceptable once payment is made.
  10. There is a late request charge for orders that are required to be fulfilled:
    • within 12 hours from payment time: $20
    • within 24 hours from payment time: $10
  1. Product sizing tryout (i.e. for stroller / car seat) is allowed before booking only if client is agreeable to $5 tryout charge per piece (limit to a 10 minutes time frame). This fee, however, will be waived if rental is confirmed and paid right after session (waiver is only applicable for rental booking that costs $50 and above).


Security Deposit

There is a refundable security deposit per rental piece as shown in the table:

Small Item

Amount (SGD)

Slings / Wraps / Obuhimo / Meh Dai

Babywearing Windbreaker 

High Chair

Mifold Car Seat

PlanePal / FlyLegsUp

Universal / YoYo Sibling Step Board


Soft Structured Carrier

Shoulder Carrier

Ride Safer Vest


Big Item

Amount (SGD)



Travel Cot

Urban Kanga Car Seat




Bugaboo Butterfly / Bugaboo Donkey Stroller



  1. The refundable security deposit can be paid during the following:
    • along with Rental Payment, or
    • 24hrs before rental starts (for clients who opted for delivery), or
    • Carrier Collection (only if staff is present to receive/ verify it)
  1. Security deposit has to be paid via PayNow to company UEN or by traditional Bank Transfer.
  2. If client wishes to make refundable security deposit payment via credit card method, be informed there will only be a 95% deposit refund after rental due to transaction fees incurred through payment portal.
  3. Deposit will be refunded via PayNow, Bank Transfer or GIRO through our BCRSG corporate account within 14 business days counting from the point we received the rented product back.
  4. We process refunds by batch and business days are based on BCRSG operational days. You may check our Setmore calendar if you need reference on our operational days.
  5. Any defects detected within the rental period, client has to inform admin as soon as WIFI or 4G is accessible so as not to jeopardise next client in queue.
  6. Integrity of product will be inspected within 72 hours upon return (for pieces returning by delivery, it will be counted from the point we received the product on hand).
  7. BCRSG has the right to partially refund or not refund the deposit based on the following:
    • Partial refund if rented product has:
      • obvious crack/ peeling
      • huge scratch
      • discolouration
      • permanent stain
      • missing part
      • spoilt part
    • No refund if rented product has:
      • spoilt buckle or stitch which may risk safety for the next user
      • damaged wheels, joints or parts where function has been compromised which cannot be replaced
      • met into trauma before (such as car seats that encountered accidents)
      • was lost 
    • Goodwill will be extended for minor scratches, but this is subjective, thus will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  1. BCRSG will deduct the following through refundable security deposit paid:
    • Late return fees by per day count ($5 for carriers, $8 for items)
    • Last minute decision on courier instead of self collection or return
    • Rental loss from the next client in queue due to current client’s failure to return rented item on agreed date OR due to spoilt parts that need to be fixed thus compromising next client's booking.


Collection of Baby Product

  1. You may self-collect the rented item at 122C Sengkang East Way (sheltered all the way from Bakau LRT).
  2. We do have an alternate pickup/return venue at Redhill (weekday certain hours only) or Parkway Parade (Saturday 4-5.30pm only) or MBS area (11.15am or 1.30pm only) with $5 surcharge per meet
  3. The first day of carrier collection is counted as Day 1. You have to return the rented item by Day 7 if you are looking at one week rental, Day 14 for two weeks and Day 28 for one month rental for illustration.
  4. In the event that you are unable to collect the booked item on Day 1 that has been agreed upon, rental still commences on that day. However, as long as the product is not reserved after your rental period, company can review on a case by case basis.
  5. Proper product usage will be taught on the day of collection if educator is present (kept within 10 minutes). Otherwise, you can request for an official video to be sent for your reference.
  6. Before completing product handover to start rental, BCRSG will alert client any parts or minor functions that fell short which require attention through face to face or photos/videos method. Once mutually agreeable and handed over, it is deemed that client has accepted the rented product is in expected functionality and condition.
  7. Any malfunction, defect or missing part found in the rented product out of what company has informed will not be acknowledged after handover process has completed.


Delivery of Baby Product

  1. Product delivery is made possible in the event when client cannot find a mutually agreeable day and time to meet our team up for collection/return. 
  2. Delivery cost is to be borne by client at a flat rate of $10/trip for small item, and $15/trip for big item. Small or Big item classification is based on refundable deposit table as above.
  3. Multiple items per trip may incur extra charge if size or weight exceeds certain requirement, please contact admin for more info. 
  4. Proper product usage will be taught upon delivery if requested.
  5. Upon receipt of rented product, if there is any product quality which has fell short of expectations, client has to alert BCRSG within 6 hours of receipt. Otherwise, BCRSG has the right to not acknowledge any defect, malfunction or missing parts because all products are well checked before fulfilment team collects them.
  6. In the event of a failed delivery trip (e.g. no one is available to receive delivered product or failure to provide product during return pickup), client must bear the cost of failed delivery.
  7. If client would like to arrange for external delivery service, responsibility is to be borne by client if item is lost or damaged during transition. 
  8. Similar to self collection, the day of product receipt will be considered as Day 1 and the product has to reach us by the return date agreed upon.
  9. Client is encouraged to alert us a day before last day of the agreed rental date with regards to whether the rented product is ready for collection the following day. 
  10. If there is no prompt from client on the last day of rental, BCRSG will deem it as late return/ auto rental extension.


Return of Baby Product

  1. Kindly check our presence before returning rented product.
  2. Product should return to BCRSG by hand, through a family member or a courier man, stating the name of the one who booked the rental with us.
  3. Clients who opted for other methods of return delivery such as Smartpac, Qdelivery or Ninja Pack, please keep to the agreed rental time frame; you have to drop off at respective postage points i.e. at least 2 days prior to last rental date.
  4. Additional to pointer 3, client need to show proof of postage via video so BCRSG will not charge client in the event logistic company failed to send rented product on time.
  5. Although BCRSG takes the responsibility of product cleaning, client has to clean up or send product for professional wash prior to returning to BCRSG if there is accidental vomit or bowel stains. Kindly remember to inform BCRSG prior if such happens.
  6. Client is encouraged to keep to rental dates agreed upon. BCRSG is not responsible to remind client for product return.
  7. Late return of rented product will be charged at $5/piece/day for small item and $8/piece/day for big item. 
  8. If subsequent rental is compromised due to client’s late return of rented product, client will have to compensate for BCRSG rental loss.
  9. Extension of product rental is only possible when there is no booking after the rental period agreed upon.
  10. Please inform BCRSG if product (i.e. car seat) has met into any accidents. Product that has gone through some trauma will render it invalid for future use for the safety of others.
  11. If client would like to purchase a new baby product from BCRSG after rent, please alert accordingly and availability will be responded.
  12. Lifetime online support will be rendered in terms of Babywearing techniques for an additional of $10 above purchase price. 


Exchange / Postponement 

  1. In the event of an exchange or postponement of rental product before starting rent, it will be based on availability.
  2. If an exchange or postponement can be done, it will only be allowed once.
  3. All exchange will incur a $10 admin cost.
  4. Client is only allowed to exchange rented product to another of equal or lower rental rate (subject to availability) and the difference in rental fee will not be refunded.
  5. Client may exchange to a product of higher rental rate only if they are available, but topping up the difference is required.
  6. The moment rental commenced at 00:01 hour SGT on agreed rental start date, exchange is not allowed.
  7. If client insists on an exchange for whatever reason once rental has commenced, paid rental fee will be forfeited and new rental item fee will be recalculated for payment.
  8. For postponement prior to rental commencement, it will only be allowed if new rental start date is within 3 months period from the initial first day of rental no matter the reason. If not, rental fee paid will also be forfeited.



In the event of cancellation by client's choice, please refer to the following:


Time Period before 1st day of Agreed Rental Start Date

Refund Percentage of Paid Amount

Compulsory  Admin Charge (SGD)

Admin Surcharge on SG School Holidays (SGD)

> 30 days




15 - 30 days




01 - 14 days




0 day





  1. If client is uncontactable through emails, WhatsApp or phone call collectively at least 5 prompts from us after rental payment to facilitate logistics planning, we will also forfeit the amount paid.
  2. If client paid through BCRSG website and wishes to withdraw decision made before any start date has been decided, it will be classified as the first tier of > 30 days.
  3. ‘SG school holiday’ in the table above refers to dates stated on Singapore Ministry of Education website.
  4. Admin Surcharge on school holiday refers to the period of rental booked (any day that falls within the school holiday period is counted); not the period of refund processing. 

    *Baby Carriers Rental SG reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.