Chimparoo Evo - Infant to Toddler

Chimparoo Evo - Infant to Toddler

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Comfortable and ergonomic from birth to toddler (8 lbs - 45 lbs)

  • Seat width adjustable along the waist
  • Folding panel stuffed to adjust the support of the back and the head: adjustable in 2 heights
  • Adjustable multi-positioned padded shoulder straps
  • Padded cushion to allow good resting for child’s thigh
  • Soft and stretchy head hood
  • 3 carrying positions; tummy to tummy, on the hip, on the back
  • Semi-rigid belt with a contoured shape for hip comfort (fully removable during wash)
  • Storage pouch on the belt
  • Made of resistant, breathable and antimicrobial technological materials

ONE carrier fit ALL ages! 

- The Evo Air includes a mesh panel cover in the same color as the baby carrier
- It can be removed completely with zippers and zipped up to add a touch of warmth to the baby
Made with printed cotton with trendy patterns

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