Rental Packages

Newborn Package (Mainly for client who already owns a standard carrier & needed something to tide through first few infant months OR those who does not wish to commit to any carrier yet)

1. Infant Friendly Soft Structured Baby Carrier Package

    • CHAS card holder: $55 for 12 weeks rental
    • Non-CHAS card holder: $88 for 12 weeks rental

*Only certain brands & version of baby carriers are applicable under this package such as Kokadi Babysize, Emeibaby, Isara and LennyUp.

2. Stretch Wraps / Meh Dai

    • K'Tan/ Konny/ Hana Wraps: $50 for 12 weeks rental
    • Kol Kol/ Infantino Meh Dai: $55 for 12 weeks rental 

3. Ringslings

    • Tula / Yaro / Rainbow Love / Shijira: $30 for 12 weeks rental 

4. Manduca Size-It/ Zipin Ellipse

    • Cincher/Ellipse: $15 for 12 weeks rental

    Pregnancy with Toddler Package

    • Onbuhimo: $50 for 6 months rental

    Breastfeeding Travel Package

    • Rent a Carrier/Stroller for your holiday & try Feeding Friend portable nursing pillow for just $10 (this promotion will be starting in Nov 2023)

    Hiking Shoulder Carrier Package

    •  Minimeis / OE shoulder carrier: $99 for 5 times of weekend rental per year (collect on Friday night & return on Sunday night OR collect on Saturday morning and return Monday morning; any extra day will have a $8 charge per 24hours)


    Note: If you’re interested in any of the above, please contact us via messaging our social media page in Instagram or Facebook to request for it. Thank You.