Breastfeeding & Babywearing Workshop Terms & Conditions

By ticking the checkbox to add order to cart for payment, you, the Client, agree to abide to these terms and conditions stated:

Media Policy:

General photos and videos taken during event will be used for social media postings and advertisements through @babycarriersrentalsg and @tenderlovingmilk when required.

If the Client is uncomfortable with such arrangements, please let the hosts (Eliza or Fion) know before workshop commencement. Otherwise, silence will be taken as full consent and no disputes will be entertained after workshop hours.

It is the hosts' responsibility to not take any media footage that reveals breast parts or intimate breastfeeding moments.

Both hosts will uptake the integrity that if ever such photos and videos are required, they will seek participant's consent and it will purely be for education purpose only with private area blurred out.


All private conversations and happenings that took place at the workshop venue will be upheld with high confidentiality.

Workshop participants can be very vulnerable to both hosts who are present and they will be responsible to ensure what has been confided during the session will be kept within the workshop hour only and not shared without the Client's verbal or written permission.

Refund Policy:

In the event that the Client is not able to attend the workshop, you can either find a replacement or arrange for a postponement to join the next session if class is not full.

The Client can only make the above postponement arrangement once. Should you cannot make it for the next session, the workshop fee will be entirely forfeited.

The Client may alternatively use the fund to offset a rental or purchase of sling/carrier from Baby Carriers Rental SG - Education, Rental, Sales.

However, it has to be claimed within 30 days from the day that hosts were informed of the Client's absence.

Note: These Terms and Conditions can be changed reasonably by both Hosts without providing prior notice to any participants.