Chimparoo Trek (Full WC)

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A full wrap converted carrier with in-built stretchy soft infant insert. Very comfortable for both baby and mummy. What's more? There's 14 beautiful designs to choose from if you buy from retail at an absolutely affordable rate! Get rental rebate from us if you choose these designs :)

Rent this to try it out for a week! I dare you, no regrets!

Specifications 14.5" (36.8cm)
Material: Woven from organic cotton, certified free from toxic chemicals
Panel height: 16" (40cm)
Panel width: 13" (30cm)


Estimated weight of carrier: 
Carrying Positions: 3 possible (front, back and hip carry)
Suitable age group: From birth to early childhood
Maximum weight: 20kg
Country of Manufacturer/Origin: Canada


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